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18 Jul 2017

Some Accessories for Pressure Washers That Make the Job Easier


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Posted By Doreen W.

Pressure washers are essential tools for many tasks. If you are resurfacing old weathered wood or brick, or just using one to clean your car or truck, then you know how indispensable these really are for projects around the house. If you use a commercial grade unit in the shop then you also understand how capable these machines can be. This article will discuss some of the accessories available today to make the jobs you do easier and more effective.

Accessories for pressure washers are actually what makes them useful at all. Without them all you have is pressurized air and maybe some water. Get the right hose, nozzle or injector and you've really got something. Speaking of hoses, don't make the mistake of shorting yourself on this. A nice long hose can save you lots of frustration. I recommend at least 50 feet of 3/8 inch I.D. non-marking hose that includes a quick connect end with swivel and ben restrictor. Some are even wire braided and chemical resistant.

One item you may not have thought of, but that can save you hours and hours of work if you have a large surface to clean, is either an 18 inch or 28 inch rotary surface cleaner. Mi-T-M makes a few of these that work with any pressure washer and a standard cleaning nozzle. These are set up with a stout bristle brush to allow you to really get after those tough spots. The the 18" and the 28" units have a 4000 psi rating and are equipped with a professional-grade high pressure trigger. They also have a 3-10 GPM water rating. As for nozzles, you get what you pay for. Try to get one that has at least a 3000 psi maximum rating and quick connects to the hose. I also think one with a 0 degree spray impact with 25 degree coverage is best.

Another accessory for pressure washers that may at first seem like only a specialty item, but that is actually quite useful, is a carbide tip sand injector. The one that Mi-T-M makes features a wet sandblasting kit that allows you to work dust free in removing paint and other coatings from many surfaces. You need to pay particular attention not to apply too much pressure for too long in any one place while using this item because it can damage surfaces if not used properly.

Finally, a low pressure detergent injector that has an adjustable chemical draw is another really handy thing to use with pressure washers. Like most other accessories, this one also comes with quick connects for easy on and off. If you can find one made out of brass with stainless steel openings, then you are insuring that you are getting the most durable materials. That means longer life and greater satisfaction.

Pressure washers are a necessity for some, and a mere luxury for others. Regardless, if you find yourself owning one of these wonderful machines, make sure to pick up the accessories you need to get the job done right. If you do, you'll find that the jobs you do will be done more efficiently, and more pleasantly than without them. The wrong tool just causes stress, irritation and frustration. No thanks!


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